How You Can Help:

Jane Gravis, the founder of IAA, is trying to raise enough money to build a stone wall to surround the orphanage. Her goal: to have it built prior to the December 2011 elections in Kenya.

Why this wall is needed:

1. A close neighbor to IAA was the victim of a home invasion and was robbed and beaten. The word was that this perpetrator was asking for the phone number of the IAA site administrator.
2. In Nairobi an orphanage was broken into and the perpetrators not only stole the bags of new clothes for the children, but they also raped some of the little girls.
3. During the riots of the 2008 elections, people were literally being chopped up with machetes, and houses and churches with women and children inside were set on fire and burned to the ground.

Without this wall, IAA will continue to remain defenseless and vulnerable. With the 2011 elections coming up, political unrest will most likely happen. Help be a part of protecting the orphanage by donating funds for the construction of the wall. Help make Jane's goal happen: the wall be built by December.

Donation Process:

Donors giving $200 or more will have the opportunity to pick one of the names of God for their section of the wall. For donors who donate on a smaller scale ($5-$200) a section of the wall will be reserved with the name "Adonai" (The Lord My Great Lord) and the contributions for that section will be combined.

To donate, go to IAA's blog at: