I am SO excited about an awesome opportunity I have to sponsor Richard, one of the boys at IAA. When I returned home from Kenya, I told Jane I was interested in sponsoring one of the kids. They all already had sponsors, but she told me if a sponsor dropped out at any time, she would let me know. Richard is now available to be sponsored and I am so thankful to get this opportunity! I'm looking forward to writing letters back and forth with him, helping support his education and other needs, but most importantly, to get to invest time in him. I can't wait to build a deeper relationship with him and to shower him with unconditional love. I'm looking forward to getting updates about him, seeing pictures, and most of all the day I get to SEE him in person again! My family sponsors two girls through Compassion International, which I love, but I think this opportunity with IAA is so different. I actually know the kid I'm sponsoring firsthand and will have more contact with him - I can call him, email him, write letters to him, and spend time with him in person. I can't wait to learn more about him. I'm also excited to be able to do this on my own, without my parents help. I love that I get to use my own money from work for something I am so passionate about. I know this is going to be one of those experiences where I'm changed too - it isn't just about me helping him. Please be praying for Richard and his future. I know God has given this opportunity to me for a reason. I'm also on the waiting list to sponsor Sharon in the future and I hope that day will come! 

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