Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you know we were able to purchase a special internet connection so I will be able to access it more often now. I got sent so many questions and it is easier to just answer all of them here!

The weather has been fine, in the morning and at night it is freezing and we have to wear lots of layers and sleep with lots of blankets, but during the day it is nice out and I am fine without a jacket. The food has been good as well, yesterday I tried goat for the first time, as well as sugarcane, ugali (I have no idea how to spell it) and greens. I am not able to send pictures now because I don't have a way to connect my camera to the computer so I will have to wait to show you all of them until I get home... sorry!

Yesterday was a perfect day I can't even describe how fun it was. Church was in the morning and the village kids come for it so it was very crowded. It was so fun to watch all of the kids sing, dance, pray, and give a testimony. The service was really long because they translate it from Swahili to English so we can understand what's going on.

After church I played with the village kids for the whole day until dinner time. It was SO fun! They were scared of me at first and wouldn't respond to any of my questions but they eventually let me push them on the swings and they started to open up to me. By the end of the day we were pretty much best friends! We played a huge soccer game that started out with just four of us and ended up being around 30 of us! I was exhausted by the end of that. I spent the day with about 8 kids and we played so many random games. Even though there was a language barrier we managed! We played this fun game called "katika" which means dance, played hide and seek, a tag game with lots of chanting, and we all held hands and ran around in circles singing songs. The kids were so cute and loved to hold my hand and be in pictures. They followed me wherever I went and were so energetic and fun to be with. Some of the games were funny though because I had no idea what they were saying to me so I would just run around and chase them. It was sad though, a lot of them had their shoes on the wrong feet or were really dirty and had snot all over their noses. They were OBSESSED with my hair and I sat in the grass and all they all sat around me and played with my hair for at least an hour. We gave them jolly ranchers and they were so excited... I wish I could give them more. A lot of them tried eating the wrappers though so I had to try to explain to them to not eat that. I am excited for next Sunday for when they all come back... I had such a great time with them and was sad when it was time for them to go home! Also... to those of you who requested a picture of the kids popping doublies.. I definitely got one yesterday hahah!

I also love spending time with Joy, one of the babies. She is so cute and will imitate whatever facial expression or dance move I do. Sara and I laugh at that forever! Last night I helped some of the younger kids with their homework as well. The kids are in school today and Sara bought Rosetta Stone for Swahili so we are going to try to learn it while we are here. We are going to work on it while the kids are gone for the day.

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